Who is stronger Josie or Lizzie in Legacies? (2023)

Who is stronger Lizzy or Josie?

I really thinkLizzie is stronger. She just seems stronger and also got the meld with the other reality. Given how much Josie seems to be headed for evil, I think we all wish Lizzie were stronger. They never achieved wish-reality fusion.

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Is Lizzie the most powerful heretic?

Legacies: A loophole in the originals could make Lizzie the most powerful heretic. Lizzie's bond with Hope in Legacies gives her an advantage no other hybrid has had before, making her perhaps the most powerful heretic ever.

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Who is stronger Hope or Josie?

Unless we're talking about empty hopes,Josie destroys hopein a legitimate fight. The only time Hope was in power anywhere near Dark Josie was when she had the Hollow. Let's not forget that Hope made two powerful feats to make her a mighty witch when she had Inadu's powers in the past two seasons.

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How powerful is Josie Saltzman?

Dark Josie Powers

As a result of this ability, she is able to cast the most advanced spells and capture the magic of enchanted objects as well as the magic of supernatural beings such as other witches, vampires, werewolves, wizards, etc.

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Who is more powerful in inheritance?

The most powerful characters from TVD, TO and Legacy's
  • (True) Hope Andrea Mikaelson (True Tribrid)/Ken/Zeus (Age 10,000+/God Magic)
  • Arcadius (Age 4,200+/Psychic/Immortality)
  • Silas (Age 2,000+/Mind Control/Immortality)
  • Inadu the hollow (Alders 1,500+)
  • Dahlia (Elzen 1.060+/Dark Magic)
  • Malivoor (Alder 1.000+/Golem)
17. June 2022

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Why is Josie so strong?

In You Can't Save Them All is Josie sterker dan ooitfor violation of mora miserium. He uses dark magic to force back Jade's humanity, and Alaric wonders what he's done and realizes that Josie is somehow different.

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Who is the most powerful Tribrid?

The original Tribridis an extremely powerful vampire known as the first of his bloodline and the first generation of vampires, making him the oldest, fastest, strongest, and most powerful vampire, werewolf, and witch in the world.

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Who is the mighty vampire in Legacies?

Hoopis the strongest type of Legacies vampire, a triumvirate, and Mikael from The Vampire Diaries is the oldest and strongest original vampire hunter, which raises the question of who would win in a fight.

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Is Lizzie stronger than expected?

Lizzie managed to cut ties with Sire

Hope then is Tribridshe is stronger than both of them.

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Who is the most powerful villain in legacy?

Malivoorspends more time than anyone else as the central antagonist and has been at the forefront of the chaos in Mystic Falls for three seasons. Each monster is connected to Malivore, making him the main villain.

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How do Lizzie and Josie have powers?

Sieves are somehow born with a rare condition that can be passed down from generation to generation, allowing them to absorb the magic of any witch, magical item, or supernatural being. Josie and Lizzie are the only known twins who are both siphons.

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Who is stronger Hope or Lizzie?

Lizzie managed to cut ties with Sire

Hope then is Tribridshe is stronger than both of them.

Who is stronger Josie or Lizzie in Legacies? (2023)
Who is the stronger hope or Bonnie?

With companiesBonnie simply beats Hope by a huge margin. Even from the character hype, while Hope could reportedly nurture NO's ancestors for generations, Bonnie could do whatever she wanted.

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