Can The Originals be killed by the sun? (2023)

Can sunlight kill a prototype?

Although the sun can seriously weaken an original,they cannot be killed by itand they will still burn and ignite while exposed to the sun without the protection of a ring of daylight.

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Can the originals be killed?

Unlike unauthentic vampires, authentic vampires are indestructible andit cannot be killed by anything on the ground except the White Oak stake, a large enough source of magic, the right conditions to undo the original spell or from the upgraded original vampire's advanced poison.

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Can a prototype die if its heart is ripped out?

Nee. They won't die. It's explicitly mentioned in The Originals books and a household name on the show, though people have mixed opinions about it.

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Can the originals be exposed to the sun?

Original vampires and non-original vampires cannot walk in daylight without getting burned as a result of their vampirism. However, they can gain sun protection with lapis lazuli stones enchanted by a witch, allowing them to walk in the sunlight without harm.

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Can he hope that Mikaelson is killed?

It's not original, so it's not indestructible, which meansanything can kill heri.e. decapitation, heart extraction, fire, etc.

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Who is stronger Klaus or Marcel?

As a prototype hybrid,Klaus is the strongest of the original vampiresdue to his werewolf ancestry which gives him additional powers and perks that his half-siblings lack, making him the most powerful physically immortal being in the world, second only to Marcel Gerard.

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Why can't they just cut Klaus' head off?

An original vampire is indestructiblemeaning they cannot remove their head, heart or body parts from their body.

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What if a prototype dies?

So when an Original dies, every Vampire he/she flipped and/or every Vampire flipped by another Vampire is flipped by an Original die. This means that if all the originals die,the entire vampire species will become extinct.

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What if a werewolf bites a prototype?

Can a prototype survive a werewolf bite? Unlike normal vampires,Primordial vampires cannot be killed by a werewolf bite. They will fall victim to the same side effects (as we saw happen to Elijah in Season 1), but they only last for a few hours.

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Can Klaus die if his head is cut off?

Yes, they can be cut, stabbed, shot, broken, etc. but their bodies are imperishable in the sense that they cannot be destroyed. They cannot decapitate or cut off limbs from their bodies.

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How does Marcel live without a heart?

Elijah, Klaus, and Hayley may believe Neville is dead because Elijah separated his heart from his body. But it showsthe serum, which, as you recall, can turn a vampire into a supervamp hybrid with the power to kill an original, also allows one to function without a heart.

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Does Marcel remain super original?

Until now,only three people have become Upgraded True Vampires, namely Lucien Castle, Marcel Gerard and Camille O'Connell, who were originally normal vampires before transitioning into Upgraded Original Vampires, which makes the transition unusual (normal vampires are transformed as humans by another...

Can The Originals be killed by the sun? (2023)
Can Marcel's bite kill a prototype?

Neville drinks the serum and becomes an "enhanced vampire"it can kill a prototype in one bite. He emerges as the most powerful vampire in the series and the greatest threat to the Mikaelsons' survival. Marcel is also able to force an Original - the only supernatural creature that can control his mind.

What can kill an upgraded prototype?

Freya's dolk: A dagger created by Freya using Keelin's expertise in medicine and biology. The dagger is made with Freya's blood, Esther's magic, Neville's poison, and Lucien Castle's ashes. It has the power to specifically kill an upgraded vampire prototype.

Does Klaus get sunburned?

If Klaus flew away and stayed in the sun,nothing would happen to him at all, it gets hot, very hot, but nothing happens.

How can Klaus be killed?

A white oak stake is the ONLY thing that can kill an original. He could always kill Klaus, so he destroyed them all.

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